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Schedule “G”

Tuition Opportunity

Term and Conditions for earning a scholarship

Must be a full time, first time student, or be enrolled in an approved high school program. Must graduate from the program.

Student dropping out & returning to finish do not qualify for this tuition opportunity of $2500.00

As stated in student enrollment agreement (contract) in order to take full advantage of this offer, student needs at least an 80% GPA for attendance and an 80% GPA for academic performance for each and every evaluation period,( grades figured for student scholarship are not figured on a cumulative basis, but on an evaluation period for each period.). Must not miss more than six (6) Fridays in the year.

(Mandatory days of attendance, 3rd & 23rd of July, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve if school is open these days)

Student must graduate within the time stated on the student enrollment agreement (contract). Student must sit for advanced test before student reaches their scheduled 1000 hour period. Also student must have all tuition paid in full up to the scholarship balance at the time of students last physical day of schooling. If said balance is not paid on students last day of attendance then the $2500.00 scholarship will be forfeited and student will have to pay the full amount due. In order to receive a release of student hours for licensure, all monies owed the school must be paid in full.

The school management reserves the right to VOID all or part of tuition opportunity for reasons school feels are unprofessional, or unlawful, or unethical.